Hooligans! Living with Canine Teenagers

Presented by: Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP

Webinar Information

What happened to that cute, obedient little fluffball you brought home? The one who aced his puppy class, was housetrained in minutes and listened to your every word? If your little sweetheart has turned into a hooligan, you're probably dealing with a canine teenager. Learn what is normal and what to be concerned about, tips for making life easier with a rambunctious adolescent dog, and how to get help if needed. Your little sweetheart is still in there … you just have to find him again!

Presenter Information

Teoti Anderson, CPDT-KA, KPA-CTP, is the owner of Pawsitive Results, L.L.C., which offers reward-based training for the family dog in Lexington, SC. A professional dog trainer for more than 17 years, she is the author of Your Outta Control PuppyQuick and Easy Crate Training, The Super Simple Guide to Housetraining and Puppy Care and Training. She is a contributing author to several other books, and a regular columnist for Modern Dog magazine. Teoti has been interviewed for Southern Living, New York Times, DogFancy and other national publications. A popular conference speaker, she has given presentations across the United States and in Japan. Teoti served on the board of trustees of the APDT for six years, serving as President from 2004-2006. She is a founding member of the Carolinas Trainers Forum, a networking group of APDT trainers. She serves as a consultant for local and national dog rescue groups. 

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