Treibball: Rolling Out Better Companions!

Presented by: Casey Lomonaco

Treibball is a growing sport, with a number of venues in the U.S. hoping to offer competition Treibball events in the near future.  But what does Treibball have to offer those who are not interested in competing?  What does it have to offer people who are just wanting to improve their dog's behavior in a way which is fun for both the two and four-legged members of the training team?  Treibball is not only a fun sport, but it is a great game to play while teaching your dog more reliable behaviors.  This webinar will discuss Treibball as a fun solution to every day training problems faced by many dog owners.  If you've ever found yourself thinking any of the following, Treibball is for you!

"My dog has trouble paying attention to me in distracting environments/around other dogs."
"My dog is fearful of new things and I'd really like to build her confidence."
"I'd love to teach my dog how to play!"
"My dog has a lot of energy.  I'd love an inexpensive, fun way to exercise his brain and body in the back yard."

"My dog will only listen when I ask him to 'sit' if I am standing directly in front of him.  I'd like him to respond more reliably at a distance."

"My dog wants to destroy every toy he sees!"

Treibball is a great vehicle to get your dog on the road to better pet manners.  Join us to learn more about foundation skills for Treibball and how this new game can improve your relationship with your dog!

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