Socializing Your Puppy Right

Presented by: Ariana Kincaid, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, OSCT

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Webinar Summary

Did you know that it is equally important to "vaccinate" your puppy against behavior problems as it is to vaccinate him against disease? Help your puppy build resistance to developing fear and aggression in adulthood by learning how to socialize him safely, early and effectively. We'll break down everything you need to know about puppy socialization.

You'll learn:

  • How to raise a puppy that is easy to train and live with
  • The what, why and how of socialization
  • How to socialize your puppy while minimizing health and behavioral risks
  • How to train your puppy to accept new experiences
  • How to gauge if your puppy is having a loves ithates it or just ok reaction
  • What to do when your puppy is scared 

Presenter Information

Ariana Kincaid, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA, OSCT, is a self-described dog geek fascinated by everything dog. Spending many years in Education Administration, Ariana turned her organizational skills to the running of a successful and busy doggy daycare, boarding and training facility. During her 6 years there, she saw firsthand the problems caused by a lack of early socialization, which inspired her to create Operation Socialization®. Ariana's extensive background in dog training and behavior work includes: Evaluating dog behavior, teaching puppy and intermediate classes, working one-on-one to modify behavior problems from aggression to fearfulness, raising litters of foster puppies and training apprentices. Ariana is committed to continuing education and attends a minimum of 60 hours of behavior and training seminars annually. 


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